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ABIA – Emanation, Creation, Formation, Action

Abia refers to The Four Worlds which are the comprehensive categories of spiritual realms in Kabbalah in the descending chain of Existence.

Four worlds of continuous and continuous movement between the infinite and the finite.


Abia is the center of an open Jewish discourse and a motive that seeks to act, create and express within all four worlds in the daily reality.

At the beginning of the world, even before the materials had been organized and people and actions had been created, the movement was wandering in all directions:

"Now the earth was unformed and void...and the spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters." (Genesis 1)


According to Jewish sources, the world was created in the word. Letters forming into syllables in the voice of God created an orderly movement of light and darkness, wind, water and sky, regression and growth, expansion and decay.


The ancient movement is replaced by a sentence that immediately gives birth to another movement, which gives rise to another sentence and so on until this day.


The Abia Center strives to discover the internal movement hidden in ancient Jewish sources

As well as in Hebrew contemporary texts. We do this through a literal study and experiential-emotional-movement research.


Through physical-movement experience, one can discover the inner secret in the text and touch its deepest meaning. This kind of study also takes a fresh look at our personal and Jewish identity as well as our relationship with others.


We offer to engage in all these through workshops, seminars, active lectures, study tours and contemporary dance performances.


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Efrat & Itamar Nehama

Jerusalem. Israel

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